Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blind Leading the Blind

Have you asked questions of man but never seem to get answers. God doesn't want man giving the answers, God wants us to ask him and allow him to give the answers. God says, it is like the blind leading the blind, they are always going to fall down and break something. We are not to depend on each other for answers but depend on God for those answers. God gave us the right to make choices but he didn't give us the right to give the answers. We must seek him for the answers. When we are faced with a decision the first thing we do is call someone very close to us and ask them for their opinion or to help us make a decision. How often do we seek out God first for the right answer?
All the time?
Some of the time?
almost always?
almost never?

I am sure most of us would admit it the answer is almost never. Am I right?
Unfortunately that is the wrong answer. The right answer is: all the time.
If we do not seek God ALL THE TIME for the answers then at some point we will fall, and when we do we find ourselves sitting crying in our boots wondering why we fell. Of course God is always there to pick us up by our boot straps, dust us off and give us the right answer.
So moral of this is don't let the blind lead you, let God lead you.

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