Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentines Day

Can You Really Buy Love?

            Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Most of us do.  There are those who don’t who wish they could. Valentines Day has been labeled the day of love. So many people think there is something magical about this day. I have never really been a big fan of this day because even though I usually had someone to share it with there was never anything magical or special about it. I would see my friends getting expensive gifts from the one they were with (loved), expensive dinners, expensive jewelry, etc.
            Then on the other side of the coin are those who don’t have a significant other to share this so called magical-special day with. These people appear to be okay on the outside but are miserable on the inside----jealous if you will. But why? Because they don’t have someone to lavish them with expensive gifts and dinners just to show how much they are loved?
            Yes, we spend a lot of money showing our significant other just how much we love them on this “Special Day”.
Four questions….
            #1 Why do we spend so much money one day a year showing someone just how much we love them. #2 Can you really buy love? #3 Why do we need a special day set aside to show someone just how much we love them? #4 Why do those of you who don’t have a warm body to share this so called special day with get jealous of the others?

            Question #1 We spend so much money trying to show our significant other just how much we love them on this so-called special day because we don’t take the time to show the rest of the year. We use, abuse and neglect them. God doesn’t do that to us so why do we do that to each other?
            Question #2 You can’t buy love. Love is supposed to be unconditional. The kind of love God has for us is the kind of love we should have for our significant other. Do we?
            Question #3 We don’t need a special day set aside to show our significant other just how much we love them. We should do this everyday, just like God shows us everyday how much he loves us. God doesn’t pick one day a year to shower us with his love, He does this everyday of the year and we should be doing the same.
            Question #4 For those of you whom God has not brought your other half into your life yet…..there is no reason to be jealous of those who have a significant other or the fact that they get elaborate gifts and treasures one day a year. You have the ultimate significant other……you have God as your significant other until He so chooses to bless you with someone to spend the rest of your life with.
            Just because it is Valentines Day you should not be sad, depressed or anything else. You have someone who loves you unconditionally and showers you with love and blessings everyday. We all have this lover who loves us from afar…and we are all showered with blessings from Him everyday but do we acknowledge those blessings? If you don’t have a warm body to share Valentines Day with it is okay, you have God to share it with.  As for the couples they need to acknowledge God on this day as well.
            If you want to make Valentine’s Day a very special day then instead of looking at each other, together you should look to God and acknowledge him on this day. Take this time to tell Him just how much you love him and how much you love the person he has brought into your life to make you complete. We are each ½ and 2 –1/2’s make a whole which only God make.  If you are still only a ½ not to worry, you can still bask in the love of your lover. 

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