Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Death....Suffering or Sudden...Why Some People Suffer and Some Don't

Have you lost a loved one or close friend lately? Seems to be going around this week. I lost a very good friend and collegue to a drunk driver a week ago this past Saturday. I have a couple of friends who have lost loved ones/family members/friends. It is hard to grasp when someone close to us dies. For some they can't bear the thought of living without them but life goes on not only for us here on earth but for those who have died.

We were put here on this earth for a reason and a purpose and when our time has been fulfilled here on earth our earthly bodies die but our spirit lives on. Not to get off subject but only for a moment. Everyone is so concerned with their looks and what other people think of them but it is not what is on the outside that matters it is the inside...the spirit....If you are not saved and you don't belive in Jesus died on the cross to save you from your sins then when the earthly body dies so does the spirit and it gets left in pergoe.....here on earth....it has no place to go.

Our Spirits are designed to fill an earthly body in which we are to do God's work and when the work set forth for our spirit to do is complete then the earthly body dies and the spirit goes back to heaven to worship God. Some people die untimely death's to us, but to God it is there time to come home. Some people must suffer great before being brought home, some don't suffer at all. I believe it depends on the calling of the spirit as to how people die. Those who are suffering, dying from cancer for example.....if their spirit has done the job it was sent here to do they know that when the suffering is over they will be with God but if they are sinners and don't have their life right this is their chance to get it right with God. For those who have it right their suffering is for those around them. It is to teach those around them they need to get it right, they need to allow their spirit to do the job it was sent to earth to do.

If your spirit is right with God I believe you wont suffer when you die, but if it is not right with God then you will suffer. Jesus suffered for our sins to be forgiven which we have to ask for that forgiveness but if we don't ask then we too must suffer in death.

As for those of us left behind instead of crying and wishing they hadn't died and wishing we could take their place and all the other things we think and wish......we should be celebrating their life. We should be looking at what lessons do we need to learn from them, their life and their death. Do we need to get it right with God or are we right with God. It will make the difference when it comes to the death of the earthly body. The earthly body is only a shell to house the spirit in. Do want our spirit to go to Heaven to be with those that have gone on before us or do we want to forever roam the earth lost in the in between?

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