Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are We TOOOOO Busy for God?

As I was working on April's bible study lesson I didn't give much thought to the title until I got into the lesson. One of the questions that was asked within the lesson is (paraphrased) are we spending time getting to know God?

This question sent my train (brain) on a frantic race around it's track pondering this question. First I thought, I have a book titled "Too Busy To Pray" and then I heard God speaking to me and saying, "So many people claim to know me....but they really DON'T know me the way they should. They are out there doing my work but how can they proclaim to know me when they don't spend time with me."

Everyday we have some type of routine, we get up shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and go to some kind of job even if it is staying home taking care of the kids and the house. At the end of the day samething...routine....come home (if you work outside of the home) relax, play with the kids, sort thru the mail, cook supper, etc. plop down in the recliner and watch some tv maybe catch the news and off to bed. Only to do the samething over again the next day. Now I know routines vary from person to person...but you get the idea. In all that time somewhere between 8 and 12 hours of wake time do we spend anytime with God? Probably not, and if we do how much time do we give him? 5 minutes of prayer? 30 minutes of reading the bible? Maybe....Maybe not.....depends on our day and our routine.

Some of us hit the floor running at 5 am and don't stop till 11 or 12 at night, sometimes later. Some of us get up and spend 15 minutes in prayer, meditation or just reading.....but is that enough time to get to know God? I cannot give you a Godly answer but in my opinion NO. I am just as guilty as everyone else but this new thought process has opened my eyes. I am not spending enough time with God either. Does this mean we have to spend at least 30 minutes a day reading our bible and 15 mintues or longer praying? How much time you spend you with God and how you spend your time with God is between you and God. I can't tell you how much time or how to spend it with God. I can tell you God will speak to you if you will let him. It could be through a book you are reading doesn't have to be the Bible. The Bible is a guideline for how we should live our lives. However, God has given the gift of writing to many people and the books they have written are to encourage us, show us how to get through the tough times because they have already been there, etc. therefore, he can speak to us by using these people and their writings and stories. This is a different topic altogether so back to the discussion at hand.

We need to spend time with God everyday and let him speak to us. We must get to know him if we plan on continuing to grow his kingdom. How can someone come to our well and drink if it is not full up. Remember the God's word is living water and living bread and we can't feed the 10 thousands if we do not allow God to feed us. Once the well dries up we are not feeding and growing the kingom and the enemy comes in and we become known as false prophets.

I can remember as a child we had the "Blue Law and those of you who are at least 40 years old or older remember that law; for you younger generation the Blue Law kept many stores from being open on Sunday and the stores that were open were limited on what they could sell on Sundays. Sunday was a time for family, church and relaxing. Once the government abolished the "Blue Law" our lives started moving at a much faster pace, and now with all the electronic devices that keep us sooo connected to our jobs the internet, family and friends it seems that our lives now move at the minimum of 120 mph. We go and go and go and till we can't go no more and that is NOT what God intended for us. This is why it is sooooo important we STOP and SPEND TIME with God. We need to slow our lives down. We only have today, he never promised us tomorrow. We only have today to do his work and do it with Passion and Full Knowledge. There are things that can be put off till tomorrow if tomorrow comes. We need to decide WHAT and WHO is more important! If we don't put God first in our lives and do his will the enemy will continue to destroy us with his lies and he will win the battle but in the end God will win the war. Because he will find ones who love him so much they will put him first and continue his work and not allow their wells to dry up.

So starting now ask God to help you break your routine and start spending time or more time with him so your well doesn't dry up.

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