Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Most people think of Earth Day as the day everyone gets on the band wagon to save the planet earth from destruction due to "global warming" and littering, etc. I think of it as a day to take time and thank God for this beautiful place he made for me to enjoy.

I have recently moved to the mountains of Colorado, even though I have visited many times for many years never really saw the beauty until now. Same with the state I grew up in. I knew it was nice and all, but didn't appreciate it's beauty till now. We go through life at such a fast pace we don't take the time to slow down and look at what all is around us. This beautiful place God chose to give us to tend. Yes we do not take very good care of it, and yes we should, and we should be thankful the beauty is still here for us to enjoy. Around the world people are destroying the beauty and not realizing what they are doing, they are dstroying something God created with his hands. I challenge all those who read this post that by the end of the day you have stopped and looked around you and really see the beauty and I pray you make a covenant with God to do something to help keep this place beautiful even if it is just getting out once a week and walking around and looking at the beauty and picking up trash as you walk and putting it in a plastic bag and then into a trash can somewhere.

So get out and enjoy this beautiful day the Lord has made.

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