Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Is 'Texting, Tweeting, Facebooking, Instant Messaging,etc Enough?"

Communication today has become less and less personal. Some call the internet the information highway. But where is this highway leading us? To Heaven? To Hell? Depends on who you ask. Our lives have become so complicated and so full of short text messages and made up symbols such as BFF, LOL, ROFL, Etc, that our teens don't know how to effectively communicate; nor do we as parents. Communication is an interchange of thoughts, ideas and/or opinions. The synonym for communication is communion which means intimate fellowship. This intimate fellowship is our prayer time, our time alone with God.
How can we teach others about God and how to pray #1 when we can't effectively communicate because we use symbols such as the BFF, LOL, ROFL, sumthn, n, cuz, etc. #2 when we don't spend time in that intimate fellowship with him.

Let us step back in time to the near beginning. God spoke to moses (that intimate fellowship) through a burning bush, and then again alone on the mount where he gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Then King David spent a lot of time in Worship/Praise and Prayer with God (which helped make him a great leader) although he had prophets who brought messages from God to him, King David still found time each day to (most of his life)to have that intimate fellowship with God. Jesus when he walked on earth he found time to have that intimate fellowship with God his father....alone. The Disciples had the Holy Spirit to help guide them but they too had that intimate fellowship not only with Jesus when he was alive on earth but also with him after he returned to Heaven. Can you imagine would it would have been like if back during all those times if they had cellphones, computers, text messaging, instant messaging, twitter, etc. We probably wouldn't have the bible to read today and the verses to share with one another. Would they have been to busy to have that intimate fellowship with God?

In this day age of all the technology we have available to us we have lost that intimate fellowship with God and we do not have the equipment to go out and fight the spiritual battle that wages on. We think having the verses at our fingertips on the computer is enough. We think we can just send out daily messages/bible verses/words of encouragement to our friends and followers and that will be enough to get them through whatever they may be going through. But is not enough, we are not teaching them how to communicate effectively, how to have that intimate relationship with God. Don't get me wrong the messages and verses, etc are good, but we must go above and beyond that, WE NEED; WE MUST HAVE, that intimate fellowship with God, that is how we recharge and continue on in our faith and it is how we keep from getting burned out for Christ. If we do not communicate, communion, pray, have the intimate alone fellowship with God on a daily basis how can we go out and reach the lost and the hurting and how can we lead the nations?

Again, I ask: "Is texting, instant messaging, Facebooking, MySpace, Tweeting, Blogging, etc Enough?

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