Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ants Are Like Lost Christians

Ants are like God's Children who have lost their way. 

     Ants looking for food run around in circles and every different directions searching for that one piece of parcel of food. They search and search and search and when they find that one piece of food they grab it and hold on tight. Then they run in a straight line for their home (nest).

     Christains who have lost their way or those who have not found God yet are much the same way. They run around in circles searching for that one thing that will fill the void they feel, quench that hunger. They are searching for God and just don't realize that is who they are searching for and they don't realize he is standing right in front of them. Then one day, they run into the right person who feeds them.....scripture, prayer or a word of encouragement and they take that and run with it. They hold on to it with all their might, hoping not to drop it along the way. It is up to us to keep feeding those (ants) christians and non-christians until they learn to feed themselves. 

    Keep in mind, just like the ant as he is hurrying home with his food, can drop it along the way. The same thing can happen to those we just fed, they can loose that little bit of faith they were holding onto. Good news is just like the ant who picks it up and keeps on going, so can the lost, however, we need to be there to help them. We need to continue cheering on those little ants.....I mean lost souls. 

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