Monday, October 18, 2010

Who is Your Best Friend?

Who is Your Best Friend?

            Who is your best friend? Is it God? Did you know it should be? What do you expect from your best friend? What do you and your best friend talk about and do together? Did you know you can talk to God about anything and you can include him in everything you do?
            Most of us don’t realize God is always with us. He watches us eat, sleep, shower, shave, get dressed, drive, work and everything else we do. He is closer than our bestest friend. He wants to be our bestest friend. He wants us to talk to him, tell him everything and if we need to vent, yell, scream, whatever we would do with our best friend he wants us to do that with him too. He is there to listen and offer advice and comfort just like our best friend is. He wants to be invited to that jewelry party you are going to next week. He wants to go to work with you, he wants you to talk to him just like you talk to your husband, your kids, your mom, your dad, your best friend… get the picture right?
            God doesn’t care if we get angry as long as we don’t try to get revenge. If we get angry it is okay. If we vent it is okay; remember we were made in his likeness. He gets angry too. We may not hear him get angry but we see his wrath. I used to think oh God is going to be mad at me for getting so angry but I have come to realize he would rather I get angry and get it out than keep it in….keeping it in is a sin and it opens the door wide open for the devil to come in and have his merry little way.
            Most of us think we spending 30 minutes to an hour in prayer is the only way to have a conversation with God, but that is not true; we can talk to him anytime, anywhere. You know if you where to run into me on the street and saw me talking to myself you might think I was crazy, but I am not I am having a conversation with God. He has become my new bestest friend.  So who is your bestest friend in the whole world?

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