Thursday, December 9, 2010

God Revealed His Plan for My Life.....

Okay I am sharing what God revealed to me. When I was 20 I had gone on a woman's advance with the ladies of my church. I was told in a prophetic word I would be known as Anna. I read about Anna & thought she was a prayer warrior all these years I thought my ministry or calling was to be an intercessor. Until Last night when do research for Dec Bible Study. I read the entire passage and foot notes in my bible and found it she was an elder and told everyone about God and The baby Jesus. I learned she was a prophet ...and that had a different meaning from what I had learned in the past and what I thought a prophet was. I became an ordained Pastor this time last year. I knew last year God wanted me to become a Pastor/Teacher. I always liked teaching so I thought nothing of it till this year when I read about Anna again in Luke Chap 2....with a new understanding and footnotes from my bible. I understood why every-time I called out to God he would save me from my situations. I had cold chills all over me every time I reread the scripture and thought about what all God has done for me, where I have come from and through. I had been ???? my decision to be a Pastor the past few days and all that doubt and unsureness left. I know now what God had planned for my life...I know I still don't have all the details and I know as I continue my walk God will reveal to me how to use my ministry. For now I know all all the social medias I use online is getting the word out about him, and I am learning more and more each day about God. I encourage everyone to continue on and keep seeking God for the plan he has for them.

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