Monday, December 20, 2010

What is your Christmas Wish?

If you could have one wish this Christmas what would it be? A new car, a new home, a NEW LIFE, maybe???? They always say be careful what you wish for. I just finishing watching a Christmas movie called "A Christmas Wish" I think was the name of it. It was a good movie. It was about a very busy woman who was climbing her way up the corporate ladder in her corporate world and totally forgetting about the family she had at home. In nutshell she told Santa her she wished for another woman's life and bingo it happened. In order to get her old life back she had to figure out what was more important her career or her family. Of course in the end she figured out it was her family and got her old life back. However, this movie made me stop think......

In this day and time I see so many of us (myself included) who spend so much of our time running around trying to climb that corporate ladder and leaving the most important thing behind.....FAMILY....I thank God, he got my attention and I have burned my corporate ladder and I am not pursuing the life God has in store for me. But there are so many others out there, men and women a like who put themselves first before God and family and it is destroying marriages and families. This time of the year is worse....because this time of year everyone is so stressed out over finding the time for everything.....Shopping, Corporate Holiday Parties, School Parties and Plays, Friends Parties and giving the most expensive gifts money can buy or giving those kids exactly what they want for Christmas in hopes it will make up for lost time over the past year. You know nothing can make up for lost time until you lose those precious few moments you spent with your loved ones. I have heard in the corporate world "Time is Money", well maybe to the corporate cold hearted Godless people, but in God's World Time is NOT Money....Time is all we have to share with family and friends and to spread the word of God.

Are you willing to give up all that you have to spend time with God and to live the life he has in store for you and spend time with family? Are you willing to allow your family to suffer while "YOU" better "YOURSELF"? That is that "ME" syndrome everyone falls into, including Christians and Pastors. We get so caught up in our own lives and our own careers (jobs) we forget about God and our Family. I was taught this is the order it is suppose to be #1 God First, #2 Family Second, #3 Me last, but it seems a lot of people have reversed that order, I see this order:  ME FIRST! ME FIRST! ME FIRST! then family and then God or God then Family, but it is always that "ME FIRST" syndrome that everyone gets into. Someday you are going to wake up and that is all that is left of your life is "YOU", there will be no family and No God. Then what?????? You sit around like a spoiled child crying you want it all back, but you can't have it all back until you get the order right. Although the movie didn't have God as the #1 priority at least it showed family should always come before "ME".

The past week has been really difficult as a member of our family is not with us right now, due to a long legal story, but between what my family and I are going through and this movie, I really understand the order and I am thankful God uses situations no matter how bad they seem to get us back on track, to slow us down. The last 20 years I have spent tyring to get ahead and make something of myself and my life.....missing out on my kids lives and not spending as much time with as I should have or could have. Fortunately God slowly pulled me away from the fast pace of my life and opened my eyes to what I was doing and where I was headed. Almost like the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future story. I am thankful God has shown me even this year I had gotten so involved with just volunteering that I was going back to my old ways. But now I see even that can make me so busy I miss out on so much. I understand a lot of families both parents have to work in order to survive but you don't have to overwork God will provide for you...He has shown me that this year.

If I had one wish for Christmas that would be that God would take everyone and open their eyes to the kind of life they are living right now and show them just what they have missed out on, are missing out on and will miss out on if they continue with this 24/7 lifestyle. We can't continue to go live like the city of New York and Las Vegas and Hollywood wants us to live....on the go 24/7 with no sleep or very little sleep and forgetting about what is most important to us......Family and Family begins with God.

Think about your Christmas Wish......What would it be?

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