Sunday, July 25, 2010

How God Loves and Misses Us!

Toni Reading the Bible

The other day as I took time out for myself, I sat down to write in my journal, something I have not done in a while. I started looking through it and reading some of the entries when I came across this one and God spoke to me telling me although I wrote this in my journal in 2007, it is still true today. I felt the need to share this with you. 

June 14, 2007----"As I was sitting in my new study/parlor room studying my bible and reading my book, I put my feet to the floor bumping my cat Toni. A few minutes later the Lord spoke to me this...............
Your cat is sitting at your feet just as I desire you to sit at mine. Also have you noticed when you are home she follows you everywhere you go and she is always not far from where you are? That is how I am with you. I follow you everywhere you go and I am never far from you. You may be able to leave your cat at home when you go to work or run errands and when you return she is there waiting for you by the door. Therefore I am the same.....when my people leave me behind, I am there waiting patiently by the door for their return, and as Toni delights in your return, so do I delight in the return of my people to me. As long as you invite me to go with you everywhere you go, I will go with you, but only when you don't invite me along do I stay behind and wait for your return."

After I read that and reread that I realized my cat Toni is just like God. They both love being with me and they both are right by my side all the time. I sat there thinking about how much my cat loved me and how she protects me. I call her my security cat because she always goes around the house checking things out, when I get ready for bed, she will make a round through the house before getting in bed with me. When she does get in bed she snuggles up against me and stays there till I wake up. In the mornings when I first wake up she is there watching me and when I open my eyes she jumps us with joy and begins to purr very loudly and will do her best to get under the covers with me or will curl up in my you are probably wandering why am I sharing such intimate details with you about a cat? Right? I said all that to say this.........
As I sat there thinking about the above details and what I had just read, I realized God is exactly the same way. Toni my cat and God love me so much and they love being with me, protecting me, loving me and missing me like crazy when I am not with them. God told me that is the kind of relationship he desires to have with all his children. Unfortunately not all of his children will allow him to have that kind of relationship. God longs for the day when he can watch you sleep and when you wake be right there asking how can he make your day a good day, how can he bless you today, and can he go with you today?

Toni doesn't like leaving the house, she doesn't like going for car rides, and she doesn't like it when I leave the house to run errands or be gone overnight but when I return she is soooo happy to see me. God is the same way with us. He enjoys being with us all the time, we should not leave him behind. We should be taking him with us everywhere we go. Don't leave God behind, don't turn your back on him. If you have then know he is waiting patiently for your return and all of Heaven will rejoice with him when you run back to him. He will receive you with open arms, a loving heart, a huge smile, a big hug and much rejoicing. 

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