Friday, July 2, 2010

The New Fashion is the "Heavenly Look"

The other day my daughter and I were driving down this street and passed this house, as you can see it is not in the best shape and needs a lot of work. I said, "Oh look there is my dream home." My daughter said, "EWWWWW!!!!!! That house is ugly I wouldn't want it." I said, "but it can be fixed up to be very beautiful."God immediately started to speaking to me and this is what he said.......

"When a sinner comes to me and asks for forgiveness for the first time and asks me to move into their house/heart this what it looks like. I (the Holy Spirit) moves in and begin to clean it up, fix all the brokenness and make it all nice and beautiful. I don't care what the person looks like inside or out. I can fix all the problems and when I am completely done that old broken, falling down house with the thorns growing all over and around it ia nice beautiful castle."

So God doesn't care what we look like when we come to him in our brokenness as long as we give ourselves to him totally. He knows the outcome, he knows what we can look like, who we can be and what we can do through him. He knows he can make us beautiful. For those of you who are new christians, don't misunderstand me. He will not change our outward appearance but will change our inward appearance. There will be a big enough of a change that what changes on the inside will shine through to the outside but he is not going to change us from being overweight to being a supermodel, but he will change our attitudes about ourseleves and how we feel about ourselves. See it doesn't matter what is on the outside (the appearance the world sees) but what is on the inside. It's your heart he is after.

Allow me to share some more insight here on this subject of "Heavenly Look" the new Fashion. First of all our bodies will return to dust when we die. Second what is left is our soul/spirit and that is what God is after and wants to clean up and give a Heavenly Look to. We should not care what the world thinks of us. We were not made for man's gratification but God's. Unfortunately society has raised to think all women who are not supermodel material are less than perfect. We should not compare ourselves to those supermodels we see on the magazine covers for their looks to shall fade away. God did NOT make us to be supermodels, he made us to be heavenly angels, to praise his name, dance before him and rejoice. The Devil tries to convince us we must look and dress a certain way and if we don't look like the supermodels then we are not good enough for anyone or good enough to be anything. That is a lie! God made us to look like who we are and we should STOP allowing the Devil/The World to dictate to us how we should look, it affects our spirits. God said it doesn't matter what we look like and that we should NOT get caught up in the worldly appearance. We are beautiful in God's eyes.

This is the new fashion......"The Heavenly Look".

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  1. The Top picture is the picture of the house we passed and the bottom picture was taken at the Garden of the Gods on Wed. June 30, 2010. I didn't even realize the rock formation resembled an angel till I was scrolling through pics tonight and saw it. I was so totally amazed. I hope you enjoy this blog and I pray God blesses you in some way through this post.