Saturday, July 31, 2010

Surprise on the Road.

The other day my husband and I were off on another hiking adventure. This time we were going to hike to "Dorothy Falls"  a beautiful waterfall located in Queen's Canyon on the Glen Eyrie property. We didn't have a lot of time to hike but hoped we would make it to the falls. Unfortunately, we ran out of time, story of your life right?

You are probably wondering where I am going with this, right? Well as always I this blog will be a parable. I think God really likes those. 

We started out on our hike and again this is a path that is traveled, but can only be traveled in the late spring and summer. This path was different from the paths we have taken before, most paths we hike are maintained and easy to identify where the trail is and where it is going, but not this one. This one started out nice, wide and clear of rock at least for a ways it was like that. Then the path became narrow and rocky and hard to follow. As we hiked along we followed the stream up through the canyon, although there were places where the water would just disappear into the rocky bed of the creek and reappear further upstream. We could not figure this one out...but we kept on going. The further into the canyon we hiked the more beautiful, peaceful, and quiet it became, with the exception of the birds chirping here and there and the hum of the hummingbirds. Again we didn't quiet make it to our destinations....the waterfalls and the reservoir up above the falls. When our going up time came to an end we turned around and headed back downstream. Now remember we are hiking in a canyon in the mountains where wildlife is abundant (of all sorts) and this path was full of huge boulders and rocks due to rock slides and the fact it is not well maintained. So as usual on the way down I was just going on my merry way not really thinking about anything but expecting God to speak at some point, but never expecting to hear what I heard.........What did I hear you may ask if it was not God Speaking? 
Well I will tell you........... I heard God Laugh......this was not a chuckle, or a little laugh this was a ROFL a huge roar of laughter, it was almost as if it echoed through the canyon. 

So this is what happened to make God laugh and to inspire to write this blog.....

As we were headed back downstream to the trail head (beginning of the trail), I knew to be aware of my for falling rock, rock slides, wild animals and snakes.....Yes I said snakes....Rattle Snakes in particular. Now I was in front just going along minding my own business and kind of paying attention. We were crossing the little stream of water when I went to step from a rock to the bank and there in front of me I saw this thing slither between two big rocks which I was about to step around. It startled me so bad I screamed out sh** without even thinking and of course it echoed through the canyon....First I was to terrified to move and my husband asked me twice what it was and what was wrong before I could answer him. I said a snake, a water moccasin. He went on to inform me there was no such kind of snake in Colorado. I told him yes there is I just saw it.....He said, "Oh it's probably a grass snake it's okay". By this time I had regained my composure and moved onto the bank looking for the snake which I found had slithered out from between the rocks and into the water. My husband had caught up with me and saw it and said it is just a water snake. Now this snake was just afraid of me as I was of him and he was headed in the opposite direction of me. So we watched it swim away and went on down the path. Now I began to realize what had just happened and became extremely embarrassed #1 that I screamed (like a girl) and #2 what I screamed and the fact that echoed through the canyon. Just as I was about to get over my embarrassment and things had quietened down, hubby had taken the lead again, I begin to ponder what had just happened.....then I heard it........... This very loud roar and I realized God was laughing, and I had to laugh out loud. We both had a good laugh over the little snake scaring me into an echoing little girls scream.  After the laughter died down, God spoke to me and this is what he shared with me......
"My Child, you are so funny. That snake would not hurt you, you have power and dominion over him. Just like with Satan you have power and dominion

I walked away with a new understanding, yes the road to God is narrow, step, rocky, and full of surprises, but it is no reason to give up, get scared and run away but keep going for God has given us the strength, the power and the weapons to proceed onward on the path he has called us to walk.

Be Blessed my friends and keep walking that path God has called you to walk and be not afraid for God is with you always. Till next time......

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